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Timeless jewellery handmade in brussels by Mei LEE


Born in Taiwan, he settled in Belgium in 1995. He graduated from the Space Group of the Applied Arts Department and then studied at the La Cambre Industrial Design Department in Belgium and the Art & Métier in Brussels, Saint Luca Jewelry Design Department. He worked in the early days of Artec Architecture  Office, and later established the O gallery contemporary jewelry gallery in Brussels, and accepted the commission to become an independent curator. Mei is passionate about architecture, performances and craftsmanship, and constantly explores new possibilities in materials, human and space. In the past ten years, he has also followed the masters to practice different traditional techniques such as japanese  lacquer  and hand-made glass . The game is in different fields such as space, furniture, industrial design and jewelry creation. Perhaps this is the cross-border and cross-cultural work and life experience. Conflict and integration have always been important elements in his design thinking. In jewelry design, he focuses on the relationship between man and jewelry, whether he can produce different experiences in wearing, and the rhythm generated by both in human activities. Occasionally, the oxidation of time and the wear and tear during wearing are also presets at the beginning of the design.

In terms of shape, it is more common to try to increase or test the possibility after understanding the properties of the material. At the beginning of the production, there may be no specific concept. When I take the material back to the beginning of the child, I will play with it. In the process of "playing", it gradually takes shape. Her creation is closer to Form. Follow the concept of "the moment".


The world of life is connected to Mei, and there is a constant flow of creative power. Her creations continue to flow backwards in her  life experience with  nutrients, in her own language, and in her own form.

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